“When I thought my manuscript was ready for submission to an academic journal, Jennifer found 271 detail-oriented edits involving grammar, word choice, and style guide errors. I feel so much more confident knowing that I can focus on the ideas and trust The Porcupine Edit to catch the narrow details that I overlook.”

— Michael N., postdoctoral scholar

“After writing and rewriting a paper I wanted to submit to an academic journal, I was having a hard time looking at my writing objectively. Having Jennifer take a look gave me a fresh perspective; she gave me both ideas for making it clearer and help on the style guide requirements for APA. I know my paper is better after she worked on it. Thank you Porcupine Edit!”

— Cari R., teacher + MA student

“Jennifer edited a video script our ministry team is creating. She has a way of making what you want to say sound so much better. Her style is clean and clear, and we found her advice and experience invaluable.”

— Raeann L., Ministry Coordinator

“English is my second language, and Jennifer was super helpful in editing my doctoral essay. She is the one to go to for a good copyediting experience—I'm grateful for her help.”

— Jeff M., doctoral scholar

“Jennifer is a wordsmith, a skillful writer and editor, and an exceptional listener. She’s a joy to work with and uses her expert eyes to find all the little details. Her editorial help has made me a better editorial assistant myself.”

— Claire S., Communications Administrator

“I’ve used Jennifer’s expertise and editorial skills for larger projects (such as a church-wide brochure) and for weekly communication materials (like our Sunday bulletin, seasonal guide, and website). I highly value her professional insights. Moreover, she delivers her work with integrity and desires to serve others.”

— Joanna M., Communications Coordinator