Everyone needs an editor.

Whether you're honing a resume, working on an academic paper, crafting a fundraising letter, or simply sending a festive holiday note, a copyeditor makes your work better. The Porcupine Edit exists to sharpen your writing with consistency, clarity, and style.

Editing Services


Two types of services:

One-Time: editing for one particular project
Retainer: regular editing for blogs, newsletters, et cetera

Three levels of editing:

Proofing: attention to correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Line Editing: attention to correctness and flow of content
Developmental Editing: attention to correctness, flow of content, and story development

Experience includes:

• Academic books for various university presses
• Academic papers + articles
• Brochures/pamphlets
• Cover letters
• Fundraising letters
• Magazine articles
• Non-fiction
• Resumes/CVs
• Web copy

I would love to hear more about your editing needs and/or give you a price quote for your project.


My Quick Word
on Editing

I believe that editing is about precision with flair. It's where the concrete (in the form of proper grammar) meets the abstract (in the form of style). I love to work at this intersection. 

A good copyeditor makes room for clarity: removing obstacles (misspellings, mistakes, run-on sentences) so that the mission, thesis statement, or outstanding job candidate can shine through. 

Simply put: copyeditors exist to sharpen the already powerful written word.


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